Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I running?

Throughout the years, it consistently seems like the people of Parker are an afterthought in the development of the town. 


  • Despite an amazing remodel, I've spent countless Saturday mornings unable to find parking at the Parker Rec Center. 

  • The West Main Development (The Laszlo Hotel), was approved by Council to have 200 parking spots and opened with less than 60. More spots needed to be added in order to meet code compliance. 

  • The Reuter-Hess Reservoir has been a carrot dangled in front of the residents for years.  We are provided very limited access to the reservoir, unlike similar properties in neighboring cities. 

  • The prices of homes in our Town are increasing, along with the cost of rent. 

  • Places for our seniors to go are very limited, and most often can't fit the specific needs they require as they age.  We are book-ending the age group of citizens that can afford to reside here, and forcing younger generations and the elderly to look elsewhere.

I've spent countless hours studying what the Town Council does.  The more I have tried to figure things out, the more questions I have.  I want to push for transparency when a community member has questions.  As constituents, we should have access to documents that allow us to understand the decisions that the Town Council is making.  All of them, not just the ones that they make public.

What it ultimately comes down to is I love Parker, it's why I moved here.  As my children are getting older, I strive to make Parker a place they are proud to grow-up in.  I also want to make it a place that they want to return to, and to ensure they can afford to do so.  I’ve had six years to watch from the sidelines, engage with my neighbors, and realize that the Town Council’s authority has become more and more consolidated while the community's input is not being considered.

How am I involved?

When we moved to Parker, my boys were entering kindergarten.  Over the last six years, I have been involved in our school.  I spent four years on the Prairie Crossing School Accountability Committee (SAC), and I served as Chair for two years.  I have also been an active classroom volunteer.  I am a founding member of the Auburn Hills Social Committee and serve as the manager for my boy’s competitive soccer team.

My career?

As part of my job, I find the best ways to invest marketing dollars in order to achieve goals.  I do this by listening to consumers, identifying needs, and connecting brands with consumers.  Not only can I determine best in class growth strategies, but I am also uniquely capable of evaluating existing growth to better serve our current community.

Party Affiliation:

I am a registered Democrat, but please don’t confuse my party registration as allegiance to the Democratic party.  I am running for the residents of the Town of Parker.